Archaeological culture: Enisej Kyrgyz Culture

Dating: 6 a.d. - 17 a.d.
Region:Central Asia
Areal:Western Siberia, Altai, Khakasia, Tuva, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Western Turkestan.

Description: Monuments of Enisej kyrgyz culture of VI-VIII AD: tchaa-tassy barrows with the wall enclosure made of stone slabs, cremations, settlements and runic inscriptions were spread over Minusa. The monuments of IX-X centuries, such as barrows with mounds and stelae and burial grounds were over the whole territory of Central Asia. The monuments of X-XIV centuries were spread over South-West of Mongolia, Tuva and Minusa, Altai and Prichulymje. The monuments of XVII century, i.e. the barrows with cremations on the horizon were spread over in Minusa. Petroglyths from VI-X centuries were in Minusa and Mongolia. Runic inscriptions were found in Minusa, Tuva, Mongolia, Altai and East Turkestan. The complete set covers arms, harness, belt set, ornaments, utensils.