Archaeological culture: Culture of Ancient Turki

Dating: begining of the 6 a.d. - begining of the 10 a.d.
Region:Central Asia
Areal:Altai, Khakasia, Tuva, Ural, Mongolia, Khazakhstan, Semirechje, Tjan-Shan, East Turkestan

Description: Monuments of ancient Turki culture: barrows with ritual inhumations together with a horse, funeral enclosures with stelae, stone statues and balbals, petroglyths made in point cutting technique or scratching, tamgi and the inscriptions in runic alphabet were spread over in Central Asia which had been a part of Turkic states and those of Uigurs and Kyrgyz. In Tuva, Minusa and Mongolia there were spread the funeral monuments of ancient Turkic nobles, such as temples and sarcophagus, rows of statues of people and animals and stelae with the inscriptions. The complete set of objects of the culture of ancient Turki includes arms, harness, belt set, wares and household utensils. The monuments of ancient Turki were studied by V.Radlov, S.V.Kiselev et al.