Archaeological culture: Tashtyk Culture

Dating: 1 a.d. - 5 a.d.
Region:East Siberia
Areal:Khakasia, Minusa, Achinsk-Mariinsk forest-steppe.

Description: Monuments of Tashtyk Culture: barrows-crypts with the frameworks, stone walls and timber roofs; ritual inhumations and cremations; burial grounds with ritual inhumations and cremations; funeral pits with vessels and stelae; petroglyths made in point cutting and engraving technique as well as settlements and hill-forts have been spread over Minusa area, Achinsk-Mariinsk forest-steppe and Sayan canyon of the river Enisey. The complete set of the objects covers arms, harnesses, belts, decorations, tools of labour, everyday life instruments and ceramicware. Notes: During Tashtyk culture phase there occurs learning to handle the technique of cutting engraving in making petroglyths. The monuments of Tashtyk culture have been studied by A.B.Adrianov.