Archaeological culture: Uigur Culture

Dating: 8 a.d. - 9 a.d.
Region:Central Asia
Areal:Khakasia, Tuva, Mongolia

Description: Monuments with ritual inhumations with horse skins, funeral mounds, funeral monuments of Uigur nobles, triumphal monuments of Uigur nobles, Uigur runic inscriptions and hill forts were spread over in Mongolia, Tuva and Minusa. The complete set of Uigur culture includes arms, harness, belt set, ornaments, household utensils. Special for decoration of Uigur toreutics are various vegetable, zoomorphous and canonical ornamentation as well as ornamented pottery. G.Ramstedt, D.A. Klements, V. Radlov, S.V. Kiselev, L.A. Evtyukhova and other researchers studied the monuments of Uigur culture.