Archaeological culture: Karasuk Culture

Dating: 2 millenium b.c. - 1 millenium b.c.
Region:East Siberia
Areal:Khakasia, Minusa

Description: Monuments of Karasuk Culture Stone-slab enclosures with a stone box in the centre and ritual inhumations , the barrows with the earth -heaps, circular stone enclosure , ground pit and ritual inhumations, rounded stone circles with ground grave-pit and ritual inhumations, settlements with the hearths, dwellings, metal armament objects, harness ceramic ware and petroglyths made in point cutting technique have been spread over the Minusa basin. The complete set of items of Karasuk culture includes bronze armament objects as well as the tools of everyday life with animal- style decorations. The handle tops of the knives, daggers and awls are decorated with the images of ram heads. Ceramic vessels are ornamented with scallops.