Archaeological culture: Samus Culture

Dating: bthe middle of the 2 millenium b.c. - the second part of the 2 millenium b.c.
Region:West Siberia
Areal:Western Siberia, Pritomje

Description: Monuments of Samusa Culture Settlements with the half-dug-out dwellings were found in Tomsk Priobje and Pritomje. The monuments boast much ceramics, casting forms for making the bronze armament and tools as well as bronze objects representing pair- heads of animals, figures of animals with bird heads and wings, the figurines of bears, stone sculptural heads of bears and anthropmorphous masks. Here also were sculptural images of anthropoids with the bodies of pangolins and the long-necked heads of men as well as ceramic vessels; pots and jars decorated with engraved hollows, incisions or with the straight or curved lines. There are also ornaments in the form of schematic anthropomorphous masks and figures.