Archaeological culture: The Culture of Khereksurs and Symbolic Stone Sculptures

Dating: the end of the 2 millenium b.c. - begining of the 1 millenium b.c.
Region:Central Asia
Areal:Eastern Siberia, Altai, Tuva, Mongolia, and Transbaikal

Description: Monuments of Khereksuk culture and symbolic stone sculptures: barrows with a high spherical stone heap and the ritual inhumations on the horizon or in a shallow grave pit. There are circular or square enclosure; the rows of symbolic stone sculptures - stone stelae erections faced to the East with the pictures of head- gears, different ornaments, a belt, a shield, an axe, a bow, chariot plates and also with the figures of deers, horses, sometimes wild-boars or Felidae and anthropomorphous masks or three slant lines instead of a face the rows of sacrificial altars - either rounded or rectangular stone lay-outs with the traces of bonfires; petroglyths of chariots, warriors and animals made in the point cutting technique; there are some accidental finds of bronze objects of the armament.