Archaeological culture: Okunev Culture

Dating: the first half of the 2 millenium b.c. - bthe middle of the 2 millenium b.c.
Region:South Siberia
Areal:Khakasia, Tuva, Minusa.

Description: Monuments of Okunev culture: enclosures with ritual inhumations in stone boxes, joint burial grounds, settlements, mountain fortresses, and also petroglyths and stone statues have been spread over Minusinsk hollow; settlements and burial grounds with ritual inhumations under the stone heaps have been found in Tuva. The complete set of objects of this culture embraces bronze knives, an axe, a lance, stone arrow-and-lance heads and bone harpoons, ceramicware ornamented over the surface of the vessels including bottoms, stone sculptures of people heads, bone plates representing women heads with coiffures. Statues and petroglyths represent three-eyed zooanthropomorphous masks, fantastic beasts and bulls.