Archaeological culture: Kimak Culture

Dating: 8 a.d. - 10 a.d.
Region:West Siberia
Areal:Western Siberia, Altai, Kazakhstan, Priobje, Priirtyshie

Description: Monuments of Kimak culture: ritual inhumations together with a horse, ritual inhumations with the horse skin, single inhumations, cremations in burial pits under single-or many-graved barrow heaps have been spread over Eastern Kazakhstan, Steppe Altai, Priobje and Priirtyshie. As to Eastern Kazakhstan, there were found funeral structures and stone statues. Kimac culture includes petroglyths made in point cutting technique with the pictures of people and animals and some compositions. The complete set of objects of the culture embraces arms, harnesses, belt plates, decorations and household utensils. The monuments were investigated by the researchers F.H. Arslanova and V.A. Mogilnikov.