Archaeological culture: The Culture of Slab Burial Grounds

Dating: the end of the 2 millenium b.c. - begining of the 1 millenium b.c.
Region:East Siberia
Areal:Western Siberia, Mongolia and Transbaikalje

Description: Monuments of slab burial grounds: slab burial grounds with the rectangular stone fence, corner posts, ground grave-pit or the stone box in the centre and ritual inhumations. Figured graves with the concave stone circles and ritual inhumations; sentry-stones in the form of vertical stone stelae with the pictures of a belt or necklace, the set of red-painted petroglyths with the pictures of horses, cattle enclosures and eagles with stretched wings; settlements with the finds of bronze arms, tools of labour, decorations, ceramics, bronze decorations and arms formed in animal style are spread over Transbaikal region and Mongolia.