Archaeological culture: Aldy-Belsk Culture

Dating: 8 b.c. - 6 b.c.
Region:East Siberia

Description: The barrows with stone heaps and supporting border and the burials in stone boxes on the horizon or in burial grounds have been spread over Tuva. Some researchers suppose the barrow Arzhan to belong to this culture. This barrow was of a complicated timber design and also a stone heap with burials on the horizon and horse burial grounds. The completed set of objects embraced arms, harnesses, decorations and the objects made in Scythian-Siberian animal style. This culture boasts the pictures of animals in static pose and also the images of hoofed and beasts. Notes: The monuments of Aldy-Bel culture were investigated by AD.Grach, AA.Vinogradov, V.A.Semenov. The petroglyths of Early-Scythian time were studied by M.A.Devlet.