Archaeological culture: Saglyn Culture

Dating: 5 b.c. - 3 b.c.
Region:South Siberia

Description: Monuments of Saglyn Culture: burial grounds with square stone fences, wooden frameworks and joint ritual inhumations have been found in Tuva. The given culture represents the monuments of cult such as rings with eight stones and twin stelae and also petroglyths. The complete set of the objects of Saglyn culture includes arms, horse harness, the parts of belt ornaments, decorations, ceramicware and other objects made in Scythian-Siberian animal style. The given culture boasts rich decoration of bone, horn and ceramic objects. Notes: The monuments of Saglyn culture were studied by S.A.Teploukhov, S.I.Vainstein, A.D Grach and M.H.Mannay-Ool.