Archaeological culture: Mokhe Culture

Dating: 6 a.d. - 10 a.d.
Region:Far East
Areal:Primorje (Far East area), Priamurje and Manchuria

Description: Monuments of Mokhe Culture: ground burial places with ritual inhumations, cremations in grave pits and secondary burials; hill-forts with fortresses and dwellings are spread over the area of Middle and Lower Priamurje, Primorje and Manchuria. The complete set of Mokhe culture includes the armament, harness, tools of labour, objects of everyday life, ceramicwear. Belt and harness accessories embrace buckles, plates and on-lays, typical for Tiurk-speaking medieval nomads of Central Asia and for the Far-East cultures. There are also ceramicware, typical mokhenian flat-bottomed vessels with modelled cylinders and the bent back rims there.