Archaeological culture: Chzhurchzhen Culture

Dating: 12 a.d. - 13 a.d.
Region:Far East
Areal:Primorje, Priamurje, and Manchuria

Description: Monuments of Chzhurchzhen Culture: ground burial places with ritual inhumations in the pits as well as with the cremations in the pits, also cremations on the horizon at the place of burying and on the second burial ritual have been investigated at the Lower Amur, the Middle Amur and in Manchuria. The hill-forts of chzhurchzhens have been investigated in Primorje, Priamurje and Manchuria. The complete set of chzhurchzhens culture embraced the armaments including iron arrow- and- lance heads, daggers, battle axes, broadswords, helmets, armours, harnesses, belts with the plates, pottery and ceramicware. Monumental sculptures, small plastic arts and the objects of Buddhist cult have been found in hill-forts and places of worship.