Archaeological culture: The Culture of Bajyrkoo

Dating: 8 a.d. - 10 a.d.
Region:East Siberia
Areal:Western Siberia, Transbaikal

Description: Monuments of Bajyrkoo culture: barrows with round or circular stone heaps, ritual inhumations, settlements and engraved petroglyths are found on the area of southeast Transbaikal region. The complete set of objects of this culture embraces various armament items such as horn on-lays of bows, diverse iron arrow-heads, bone arrow-heads, iron heads of spears, lances, daggers and knives, armour blades. There were iron bits and stirrups, bronze plates and on-lays with anthropomorphous and vegetable ornaments as well as the fragments of ceramic vessels and pottery with geometrical stamped ornaments. Petroglyths of horsemen are made in cutting technique.