Archaeological culture: Тне medieval мongolian Culture

Dating: 13 a.d. - 14 a.d.
Region:Central Asia
Areal:East Siberia, Tuva, Mongolia, Khazakhstan, East Europe, Tian-Shan

Description: Monuments of culture of medieval Mongols: the oval stone lay-outs with ritual inhumations in ground pits, wooden coffins and blocks made of logs have been spread all over Middle Asia, Kazakhstan and East Europe. The ancient Mongolian fortless settlements have been investigated in Transbaikal as well as in Mongolia and Tuva. Petroglyths were made in the technique of cutting or colouring have been found in Transbaikal, Pribaikalje and Mongolia. Stone figures of sitting men and women are being found in East and Central Mongolia. The complete set of Mongolian culture includes the armament, harness and belt accessories and also glazed pottery.