Archaeological culture: Low Amur (Kondon) Culture

Dating: 3 millenium b.c. - 2 millenium b.c.
Region:Far East
Areal:Priamurje, Low Amur

Description: Monuments of Low Amur (Kondon) culture: settlements with dwellings and trenches, projections along the walls with the post consrtuction and entrance through the flue as well as petroglyths made in point cutting technique have been spread over Low-Amur area. The most famous monuments are as follows: the settlements Kondon, Suchu, Voznesenskoje, Gasya and the monument with petroglyths Sikachi-Alyan. The complete set of this culture embraces the tools of labour and fishery such as stone axes, adzes, knives, side-scrapers, clubs, lance heads. Here also is a unique find - namely, nephrite spoon-bait. Ceramicware is ornamented with spirals, meander, the rows of stamp-pressed ornaments, ceramic balls. There are some vessels with relief masks and red-coloured zooanthropomorpous pictures.