Archaeological culture: Serov phase of New Stone Age in East Siberia

Dating: the first half of the 3 millenium b.c. - the second part of the 3 millenium b.c.
Region:East Siberia
Areal:East Siberia, Pribaikalje

Description: Monuments of Serov phase of Neolithic culture in Pribaikalje: settlements with ritual inhumations in ground pits under the masonries; petroglyths were spread over Pribaikalje and the contiguous areas. The most well known monuments are as follows: the settlements in Svirsk, Ryutino, Tyshkiney, the burial ground Tsiklodrom, the monuments of Shishkin set of petroglyths and stone islands. The completed set of objects covers the tools of labour, hunting, fishery and decorations. The bows had long bone on-lays, stone and bone arrow-heads, also the arrow-heads of laces and daggers, constituent bone hooks and harpoons, nephrite axes and adzes, stone fish-baits. Petroglyths represent the figures of elks and other animals.