Turkic Time Metal Wares From South Siberia
At the beginning of the nomad state or the I Turkic kaganatat formation, some armed force ideology started to play its specific role in the public life of ancient Turki . Glorifying the hero-warrior and his heroism becomes the main topic in the art. It was the lot of a noble warrior to spend time in battles, feasts and hunts. For this very reason, one of the important elements of ancient Turkic armed-force culture, equally with warlike accessoirs, would become luxurious silver-and-noble-metal ware. A number of silver ware has been found in ancient Turkic monuments of Sayano-Altaj. Among them were the jugs on the saucers used as mugs. The relief of the vessels was usually plain but the handles and the covering figured lids were decorated with the bas-relief vegetable ornament. Considerable amount of feast ware made of precious metals used to be brought into South Siberia and Central Asia from Iran, Middle Asia and East Turkestan.