The Art of Middle-Age Nomads of South Siberia
The art of Middle-Age nomads of South Siberia is represented by many monuments of fine arts as well as monumental and applied art. Monumental sculpture, petroglyths, art objects made of wood, stone, birch skin, metal etc. display many wonderful original patterns of art. They show us some parts of faraway history and culture, and we can not help amazing at the richness of the fantasy and the fineness of taste of their creators.
  • Monumental Sculpture Of Ancient Turkic Time
  • Turkic Time Metal Wares From South Siberia
  • Bronze Clasps from Minussinsk Basin
  • Bronze Mirrors of Ancient-Turkic Time
  • Middle-Age Toreutics With Antropomorphous Motifs Of Decorating
  • Middle-Age Toreutics With Vegetable Motifs Of Decorating
  • Middle-Age Toreutics With Zoomorphous Motifs Of Decorating